Angel Snippets

This blog site will contain…. some angel snippets…. the snippets i get from angels around me.

Sometimes those snippets would come from my dreams… or some number I keep seeing over and over again, or some out of this world experience, or the miracles I always see along the way…..

I had a dream some 2 nights ago. I would not have the chance to remember it have I not seen a picture of a “spaceship” online. And it hit me: *sparkle and stardust* I remembered I dreamed of seeing a spaceship in my dream. I think it was even pink and purple.

And I began searching online for the meaning…..

“If you are riding in a spaceship, you are destined to travel far and accomplish great things. If you dream of seeing a spaceship, this indicates visitors coming from far away.”

I just saw a spaceship so it means.. I’d be having visitors from far away… mhmm….

If you dream about a spaceship, you are ready to explore your spriritual side. You are an independent, imaginative, and creative thinker. You need a different, perhaps unusual, perspective to transcend circumstances and explore new, creative solutions.

But this is what struck me the most….

A spaceship represents your guides or guardian angels. Even if you believe in them, if the concept is any way strange or feels alien to you, they can show up in your dreams like this. The dream is asking you to let them make contact.

Hmmm… just days ago… I was really desiring to make contact with my angels. I know they are around…but it’s like I want to really hear them… or I don’t know..

Thanks for the sign lovely angels!!

Source: Dream Meanings


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im trading my butterfly wings for something that lasts forever... - an angel's. so, im lovin angels instead but when im in my element water... my wings turn to tail and i become a mermaid! :) is an UNconventional Angel. Go Vitamin Angels! a great paradox. sometimes timid and engaging, an introvert and an extrovert, often joyous and melancholic. loves to wish. loves love. is very enamored by the wellness industry (physical, environmental, emotional, spiritual) believes that nothing is weird. just misunderstood. is dedicating herself as a social business entrepreneur and contribute to the world rather than just making money. my commitment as a Light Worker will be to spread the message as much as I can.. so that all may know the Truth and and dispel the fear that will arise during the "un-veiling". :) can't wait to live in 5th dimension physically. View all posts by Liberty

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