Angel of Possibilities

Life has a way of surprising you without really surprising you.

I joined a series of seminar supposedly a trilogy. There’s FLEX, ALC and then LEAP.

I went through FLEX and ALC already. And last January, mom and I wanted to go for LEAP. and we signed up. but days went by, we felt like.. we don’t really need to go through LEAP at all. And soooo… our interest waned.

Meantime, I was all the more getting affected with what has been happening to our environment, the world… and particularly the place that I really love – DAVAO.

but, today of all days. the universe whipped it’s magic wand and as if it was out there knowing how it would end… which was us signing up once again for LEAP we met with other people who will be taking LEAP and they convinced us. or rather.. they ignited the spark that was there in the first place…

and so now, my dear angels… i could not resist not looking at all the POSSIBLE signs….

and tonight as i am writing down on my journal and on this… i am beginning to move with it. with LEAP 48. POSIBLE.

so dear angels… i’m gonna place my heart out unto you… let me be more open… trusting and be more loving.

i’m scared. i don’t like the unknown.

but.. i’m gonna surrender… and just say goodbye mind… hello.. heart!

About Liberty

im trading my butterfly wings for something that lasts forever... - an angel's. so, im lovin angels instead but when im in my element water... my wings turn to tail and i become a mermaid! :) is an UNconventional Angel. Go Vitamin Angels! a great paradox. sometimes timid and engaging, an introvert and an extrovert, often joyous and melancholic. loves to wish. loves love. is very enamored by the wellness industry (physical, environmental, emotional, spiritual) believes that nothing is weird. just misunderstood. is dedicating herself as a social business entrepreneur and contribute to the world rather than just making money. my commitment as a Light Worker will be to spread the message as much as I can.. so that all may know the Truth and and dispel the fear that will arise during the "un-veiling". :) can't wait to live in 5th dimension physically. View all posts by Liberty

8 responses to “Angel of Possibilities

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  • Nona

    Oh hi Tina..aka Liberty?…new URL, thanks…now I could visit your blog even at work.
    Just keep moving…whatever it is, wish you goodluck πŸ™‚

    • Liberty

      its my alternate url ate Nona…. i still have my blogspot. but this one are for my angel snippets.. or convos with the divine.. or any metaphysical experiences… spiritual journey i have. πŸ™‚ weee. πŸ™‚

  • Nona

    By the way, gurl off topic…I’m back to my LJ site. I’m having a problem posting at wordpress. In case…I’m here
    if you wish to comment just Anonymous and put your name below…maselan ang LJ eh. See you πŸ™‚

  • KG

    “i’m scared. i don’t like the unknown” — aren’t we all? but we have to go beyond this fear. or else, our lives will be at a standstill.

  • bw

    interesting transformation seminars πŸ™‚

    As for fear of the unknown, I believe this is what prevents people from living a full life. As one saying goes ” the grand essentials of life are – something to do, something to love and something to hope for ” If one is missing, a person can never find happiness πŸ˜‰

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