Monthly Archives: May 2012

to be the Umalohokan of the World

As much as I want to always post in this blog….. I feel I’ve been putting all the good things happening off.

As our newly organized Team Umalohokan*, our public secret group (which we would jokingly refer to), would say: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one heard a sound, did it really fall?”

I feel as a human being, it is also my task to inform and update “humanity”, one of the path they could be treading in, and since most of us enjoys stories… it is the least one blogger can do.

Brace up (oh and I do hope I’d post more…. with all the recent breakthroughs and experiences I had) for all the upcoming updates.

Also do check, my uber personal twitter with photos account in tumblr…

It’s where all my recent thoughts and feelings go! 😛


*Umalohokan – town crier of Filipinos in a barangay.