King Arthur – Power of Three.

The Power of Three.  I saw 3 references to the story of King Arthur last night.

1.) I was watching the movie 6th sense, the kid there played the role of King Arthur and one of his role there was to take the sword off the rock

2.) after the movie 6th sense, reference next show was: Glastonbury 2012: Coldplay (i think coldplay’s concert over at Glastonbury.) and Glastonbury is the modern name for Avalon, where King Arthur was buried.

3.) switching the channel i chance upon the movie Dragon Heart, enough to catch up with the Dragon saying to his human friends: “This is the place called Avalon…” And you know very well, how Avalon is part of King Arthur’s legend.

So, what could it mean? I know seeing messages three times, is already a strong thing. What could it possibly mean?


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im trading my butterfly wings for something that lasts forever... - an angel's. so, im lovin angels instead but when im in my element water... my wings turn to tail and i become a mermaid! :) is an UNconventional Angel. Go Vitamin Angels! a great paradox. sometimes timid and engaging, an introvert and an extrovert, often joyous and melancholic. loves to wish. loves love. is very enamored by the wellness industry (physical, environmental, emotional, spiritual) believes that nothing is weird. just misunderstood. is dedicating herself as a social business entrepreneur and contribute to the world rather than just making money. my commitment as a Light Worker will be to spread the message as much as I can.. so that all may know the Truth and and dispel the fear that will arise during the "un-veiling". :) can't wait to live in 5th dimension physically. View all posts by Liberty

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