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Guide in Angel Card Reading


You have been directed to read the following before our distant angel card reading session.

What is angel oracle card reading?

In the ancient times as often depicted jn movies, in their journey or quests and they need to piece a puzzle they look for an oracle to answer their questions.
Usually for words of wisdom and oftentimes they dont come easy because they give out riddles.

It works the same way, only better because it is not in riddles.

Note that this is different from fortune telling, and should be a tool that motivates you to keep you going in whatever direction you are heading and realizing the blocks/challenges along the way.

Why angels?

It is in our best understanding that the angels are there wanting to assist us in all levels. But angels cannot if youdon’t ask them because they have a silent code they follow: non interference to the free will of a human being.

All the answers provided in the reading session are actually answers that you already know. It will just be highlighted or affirmed and makes you really focus on the issue at hand.

Starting the Session:

It is best to approach the session with an open heart, mind and soul and come relaxed….

We start with a prayer… to call on the angels to guide us.

We pick out a card: to ask who is our guiding angel for the reading…


you think of a Question. One question per reading. Make sure your question starts with: How, What or Why.

Question examples:
What is your message for me today?
What should I learn from this situation?
Why does this pattern keep repeating?
How will i get through this situation (explain details).

Please be specific with your question as well.

Questions that is answerable by yes or no is discouraged. You can use that for 8balls 🙂

You need not share to me your question but it would help if you share it to me because we can process the answers of the angels together.

Sometimes, the angel cards won’t answer your question for the following reasons:

1. You were not clear enough
2. An issue/concern of your life is more important than the question at hand
3. It is related to your question as the “root cause”.

All readings are 100% accurate. 

Once the question is ready you will be asked to take a deep breath and say: Start

and i will start shuffling your cards…

When you feel it is so.. Just say: Stop

And i will stop.. The top card will be the answer and it will be sent to you as soon as possible…

Then processing….

Energy Exchange:

A certain form of energy exchange is requested to complete the giving-receiving cycle. In order, for the blessings to continue to move thru you.

Distant Angel Reading Basic: 200

Angel Reading via phone/fb messenger: 450

Live Session – In person reading: 700 

Hope this helps! Have a great day!

sweet tooth

one afternoon, i saw a chocolate at the table. and i quickly picked up one. just a bite. gobbled up a piece. i lied down because the heat was really making me “drowsy”. a few minutes later, while resting, my tooth began to ache. i tried to ignore it at first hoping it will disappear in a few moments. but, then it became unbearable.

i just tried to sleep it off. but, it was still there. tried to take the pain off by numbing it with a minty paste which i often use for tooth aches. but, no.. it didn’t help.

we had to go to a Catholic Priest who does acupuncture and it was his last day of treatment for my father as he was leaving overseas and won’t be back for a month. and i really wanted to check something from my back.

anyway, i went with my parents and my cousin despite the toothache. still feeling the pain. and cringing now and then. tried to gargle it with water and all that. it’s reaching my ears. arggghhh. while we were there and my Dad had his treatment i just sat at a chair and curled up (good thing, i can.. with the type of chair). a few minutes later, i told my mom: “Ma, i’ll just go home. can’t take it anymore.” Mom told me, to just wait it out.

and then out of the blue i remembered the “headache technique” which was introduced to me by Dr. Andre. Mhmm… it worked for a headache.. .why not, a toothache??

and I used it. and i began improvising… i even called out to “Angel Raphael”. and then…. i began to feel heat accumulating at the affected tooth.. and i have this urge to open my mouth and blow the air out. I did. Twice. and just like that.. the pain faded… and disappeared. just like that!!!!

i was so overwhelmed. i cried. and i told my  mom my experience and i was really ecstatic to share my experience firsthand!!  i was like… wow!! it really touched me. brought tears to my eyes.

i know the angels are out there… and God has given us a wonderful tool to make our days better…. and lovelier….thank youuu sooo much….

now i guess.. angels are telling me to stop snacking on sweets and go to the dentist.

i need to go get an appointment. asap.

image source: darylrosemd: