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The Falls

Another one of my weird dreams… I woke up with the name: “Ron Paul” left. I don’t know who Ron Paul is! I don’t have the slightest until I searched online…. and found out he is running as President for the United States. I don’t know what that would mean…. however the dream ended with him recognized as Ron Paul and ended up it wasn’t Ron Paul after all. -_- Just sharing. I dont know what it means too.



Also, just today I got a message from Ate Q. saying that God has a message for me. Translated to English: “Tell her about your trip from Cagayan to Davao in a helicopter three years ago. And what you saw over Bukidnon. A large falls much larger than Ma. Cristina is what she saw.” The pilot of the helicopter does not know until now, where the area is. And there were no residents in the area. It was his first time to see it too.

Ate Q. says it can be one source of energy.

I searched online about Bukidnon and found out there are lots of falls. Maybe Bukidnon’s forest is too large? I havent noticed cause I always pass there

Mhmm… I’m still deciphering what the message means. I;ll keep a close watch on it. Maybe, it’s an answer to my prayer when I climbed El Salvador and praying to stop the coal plant in Davao… maybe this could be the answer. But, I don’t know what to do pa. -_- Maybe ill open this up to the group in MISSION and maybe one of them knows about the area…..
Thank you God for the message. 🙂 Love you!