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Purpose and Intention

I’ve recently attended a Biography Workshop by Mr. Nicanor Perlas. 26 of us participated and it was absolutely profound. The last battle to be fought and the make-or-break question was asked. Even though I know in my deepest heart of hearts that I’m from a Source my program self would really ask: “Really? Is there a Source?”

It is very important to identify and be clear with this so, then the Purpose will just spring forth the understanding.

Anyway, around quarter to 5 in the morning…. I meditated. I was asking about my purpose. Altho I did get the answer yesterday and was quite clear and emotional about what I found out… which wasn’t really new but was an affirmation that I’m on the right track…

I had this quiet urge to ask Archangel Michael (oracle card)… about what his message would be today for me?

“Know your Intention.. and  Be Clear”

something like that. (not the exact words). But, it’s a card affirming me that I’ve been searching for my purpose and that Archangel Michael has been helping me along the way… and this card also affirms that I’m on the right track… I just have to be clear of what I want to see happen in my life.. and that all my worries (finances and all) will be taken care of…..

YAHOOOO!!! Because, I’m concerned about finances. I hate to admit that money has become an issue but in order to move forward I have to acknowledge.. that it has quite become “a bit” of an issue….. but since… angelss sent by God are helping me.. I know I need not worry.. I just have to constantly act and become aware of my actions because they really define my future…. 🙂

May God grant me the strength and courage to move forward…. and May I always be reminded that I am Love and Light… and I’m meant to keep my torch burning bright! 🙂


the Promised Land

from tumblrI have been so busy with world events that sometimes I’m feeling my energy seeping out… that sometimes i get so consumed with the outer….

i have forgotten to replenish myself inside… giving myself the excuse of… “hey im doing something great for the world… its okay.. ill do the inner work later…”

and good thing I’ve finally gotten around to listen to Maureen Moss which reminds me to …. get the balance. That to support the world…. or the city (in my case) is part of the process but what is more important is the inner condition of my heart.


That one of the reason Moses wasn’t able to step on the promise land was not because he was “banned” from the place…because God punishes no one… and that  there are laws to enter into the Promised Land, not punishment to keep one out. One of the laws is To Know Oneself, which in turn leads one to Honor Thyself…..

And Moses… by being so busy with supporting the people.. freeing them…. forgot his love of Self….. his daily practice….

and Moses dont want that to happen to us……

How much do I know myself, really?

Have I been truly present all the time?

Am I really authentic?

I wanted to be more authentic… not sometimes… but all the time.

But, I know the road to authenticity is a hard one…. when I can finally strip myself of all the masks I wear…. the masks to please other people… the mask to look good… the mask to appear worthy of love and affection… and just BE….

what is truly me…. that I am love.. I am peace… I am joy….

Once again I have cleared my space… re-arranged my altar…. and say hello … to the Authentic part of myself…

thank you dear angels… for always there… I may not see you… but I always feel your presence all the time.

Thank you Dear God… for the love….. for the promises fulfilled…


love and authenticity,

Liberty (TINA – There Is No Alternative but Love & Liberty)

and you are free

It has been a year since my dad had his third stroke attack, triggered mainly by the heat. We were transferring the wellness center I used to run into something home-based until we find a suitable location. But, then it happened. So, for a year… dad has been into a lot of therapies we could get our hands into. He had a few “suhi’s” who therapied him through massage, there’s the American chiropractor, our homeopathic medical doctor (whom i’m striking to have some sort of an x-deal regarding the services we used to run), our holistic practitioner who happens to be a good friend of ours and the latest Catholic priest who does acupuncture.

but, still he has some discomforts specially on the leg area. anyway, one day my mom just stayed home…. grounding herself, went outside early in the morning to do some sort of sun-bathing (early morning sun is therapeutic) while being barefoot. and then she had it…. “are caged birds good energy?” was the question she got herself.

and in feng-shui.. having caged birds means stunting of growth. and is somewhat correlated with legs about not being able to move forward.

and so, the next day… we decided to set the birds free.

at first we set it free outside the philippine eagle sanctuary. but, good thing an angel who cares about birds…. directed us to Malagos Garden where we could donate and let them take care of it before having it released to the wild.

i wasn’t able to get his number but he was wearing a jersey with the number 15 which happens to be my sister’s favorite number.