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The Nature Devas

it was raining hard the other night. I dismissed it as another one of those rains that would eventually stop leaving a cold wind and us having a wonderful sleep. But, the rain was not just it’s usual rain. It wasn’t just raining cats and dogs. I think it rained more than that because the drainage of most of the street’s water system was full and ta-da…. water was streaming in our porch.

and reached our doorstep. in fact it even flowed in our bathroom… leaving a puddle to our living room to the front door. we kind of panicked a bit. for the first time in 15 years…. this was the only time that it reached our doorstep. it usually floods but only at the gate. and our gate was a good few meters from our porch and our porch is pretty much elevated..

yesterday, i set up a sacred spot – altar at the back of my table… i placed a couch to give it a little privacy. my altar is not complete yet… and i went to my spot and asked the angels for intervention. i asked the nature devas…. which i noticed took up most of my altar (fairies).

and lo and behold it wasn’t a cause for panic anymore because the rain eventually died down and the water is streaming out of our house.

a few weeks ago… mom kept saying she wants us to move to a higher ground and she feels “dread” whenever she sees dark skies. and she says: “ahhh… i should listen. i really should listen”. those were here angels/higher self warning her. and now… we are in a quest to have a new home…….