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Waking up on 23

Awhile ago, I had my alarm on 6:00am. But, i was just so tired, I just snoozed it and went back to sleep.
Then, in the middle….. I dreamt that I woke up (all the while thin

king I was awake!) and checked my phone… and the time said: 23:23.

And inside my dream… I kind of panicked! Omg! It’s way past my scheduled time… I slept that longgggg???

But, when I really woke up… the time was: 8:11 or something…..

And I realized… my phone watch wasn’t set to the 24hour format… I only use the 12 hour format! So, it was really a dream.


23 Angel Numbers from Doreen Virtue:

You are working closely with one or more Ascended Masters such as Jesus, Moses, the Saints or the goddesses. This is a message from your ascended master guides, who can see that the answer to your prayers is within reach. They encourage you to stay positive to ensure that you attract the best possible outcome.

And in the 24 hour format… 23:23 would be 11:11

and just today I encountered both 11:11 on the clock!!!!

and now as I am writing this!

what’s your number lately?


cheers to numbers and 23,


The Promise

Many nights ago, I dreamed I was wearing some sort of ring. Well, not exactly wearing… Basta, I saw a ring on my dream. It looks “Celtic”. There’s a symbol over the rock of the ring. It’s a rough rock though.

And so, I just searched today, Because I remembered the dream just now.. and that I’ve kept a mental note to search for the meaning behind it.

So here’s what I got:

Rings: Dream rings represent a promise or bond we have with our destiny, with another person, or with our community. This symbolic bond is incredibly strong and infinite. When we dream of a Ring slipping off our finger, we must rekindle the relationships we’ve let slip. When we dream of Rings that are stuck on our finger, we need to re-examine an unhealthy relationship.


Oooh. so it tells about some promise I made. or bond. What is it?? What bond? What promise? Oh dear. Imma have loads of time to remember that.

Is it pertaining to my MISSION to the world? Please, help me remember exactly what I promised to do….. 


Love and blessings and waiting for answers,




the rock ring was not something like the one on the picture. couldn’t find a picture of that.. but it was certainly rough… and it looks like plain but there was some sort of an engraving covering the ring. 

The Nature Devas

it was raining hard the other night. I dismissed it as another one of those rains that would eventually stop leaving a cold wind and us having a wonderful sleep. But, the rain was not just it’s usual rain. It wasn’t just raining cats and dogs. I think it rained more than that because the drainage of most of the street’s water system was full and ta-da…. water was streaming in our porch.

and reached our doorstep. in fact it even flowed in our bathroom… leaving a puddle to our living room to the front door. we kind of panicked a bit. for the first time in 15 years…. this was the only time that it reached our doorstep. it usually floods but only at the gate. and our gate was a good few meters from our porch and our porch is pretty much elevated..

yesterday, i set up a sacred spot – altar at the back of my table… i placed a couch to give it a little privacy. my altar is not complete yet… and i went to my spot and asked the angels for intervention. i asked the nature devas…. which i noticed took up most of my altar (fairies).

and lo and behold it wasn’t a cause for panic anymore because the rain eventually died down and the water is streaming out of our house.

a few weeks ago… mom kept saying she wants us to move to a higher ground and she feels “dread” whenever she sees dark skies. and she says: “ahhh… i should listen. i really should listen”. those were here angels/higher self warning her. and now… we are in a quest to have a new home…….

a sacred spot

to continue on my previous post… i saw my dentist. i had 3 sessions with her. i need to go back on September for the regular visit.

i received a snippet today….

a confirmation to what I have been feeling lately.

i felt i really need to go be silent and meditate. i did it almost every day at one point in my life and everything was going great.

i had my palm read by a Catholic Priest who does acupuncture for my dad… and he said… i need to be in tune with the heavens (not exactly his words… but he said… i will be needing to pray a lot.).

just what i needed. another snippet from my angels…. “access to God.”

meditate. meditate.

now all i need is a sacred spot. mhmmm….


Image Source: 12StepTradition

sweet tooth

one afternoon, i saw a chocolate at the table. and i quickly picked up one. just a bite. gobbled up a piece. i lied down because the heat was really making me “drowsy”. a few minutes later, while resting, my tooth began to ache. i tried to ignore it at first hoping it will disappear in a few moments. but, then it became unbearable.

i just tried to sleep it off. but, it was still there. tried to take the pain off by numbing it with a minty paste which i often use for tooth aches. but, no.. it didn’t help.

we had to go to a Catholic Priest who does acupuncture and it was his last day of treatment for my father as he was leaving overseas and won’t be back for a month. and i really wanted to check something from my back.

anyway, i went with my parents and my cousin despite the toothache. still feeling the pain. and cringing now and then. tried to gargle it with water and all that. it’s reaching my ears. arggghhh. while we were there and my Dad had his treatment i just sat at a chair and curled up (good thing, i can.. with the type of chair). a few minutes later, i told my mom: “Ma, i’ll just go home. can’t take it anymore.” Mom told me, to just wait it out.

and then out of the blue i remembered the “headache technique” which was introduced to me by Dr. Andre. Mhmm… it worked for a headache.. .why not, a toothache??

and I used it. and i began improvising… i even called out to “Angel Raphael”. and then…. i began to feel heat accumulating at the affected tooth.. and i have this urge to open my mouth and blow the air out. I did. Twice. and just like that.. the pain faded… and disappeared. just like that!!!!

i was so overwhelmed. i cried. and i told my  mom my experience and i was really ecstatic to share my experience firsthand!!  i was like… wow!! it really touched me. brought tears to my eyes.

i know the angels are out there… and God has given us a wonderful tool to make our days better…. and lovelier….thank youuu sooo much….

now i guess.. angels are telling me to stop snacking on sweets and go to the dentist.

i need to go get an appointment. asap.

image source: darylrosemd:

Angel Snippets

This blog site will contain…. some angel snippets…. the snippets i get from angels around me.

Sometimes those snippets would come from my dreams… or some number I keep seeing over and over again, or some out of this world experience, or the miracles I always see along the way…..

I had a dream some 2 nights ago. I would not have the chance to remember it have I not seen a picture of a “spaceship” online. And it hit me: *sparkle and stardust* I remembered I dreamed of seeing a spaceship in my dream. I think it was even pink and purple.

And I began searching online for the meaning…..

“If you are riding in a spaceship, you are destined to travel far and accomplish great things. If you dream of seeing a spaceship, this indicates visitors coming from far away.”

I just saw a spaceship so it means.. I’d be having visitors from far away… mhmm….

If you dream about a spaceship, you are ready to explore your spriritual side. You are an independent, imaginative, and creative thinker. You need a different, perhaps unusual, perspective to transcend circumstances and explore new, creative solutions.

But this is what struck me the most….

A spaceship represents your guides or guardian angels. Even if you believe in them, if the concept is any way strange or feels alien to you, they can show up in your dreams like this. The dream is asking you to let them make contact.

Hmmm… just days ago… I was really desiring to make contact with my angels. I know they are around…but it’s like I want to really hear them… or I don’t know..

Thanks for the sign lovely angels!!

Source: Dream Meanings