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Of Flight and Dancing

I dreamed last night that I was flying and dancing at the same time. It wasn’t really a “high” flight. Just a bit elevated from the ground.. and if I dance I would rise higher and higher. And I was so happy! But, when other people would start to watch I can’t fly…. but when there’s no one around.. I can. I was also “showing off”… but then nobody can see my fly because I cant fly with people around me….

So… I searched online what it could mean…. and here goes:

In ancient times, a person who dreamed of flying was considered to have entered the realm of the immortal gods. The Native Americans, the Babylonians, the Hindus, the Tibetan Buddhists and many other traditions claim that we all have a light body that can leave the physical body during sleep. The light body can travel great distances and even into other dimensions that mystics call the astral planes. Here we can talk to our friends who also travel the dimensions, communicate with the people of the spirit world, or learn from the advanced souls the men once called gods and angels. Many scientists believe that there is empirical proof that out of body travel is possible. Source: Dream Sleep

However for something much more specific…

Flying dreams are very often a precursor for lucid dreaming, a dream state in which we are aware we are dreaming and can manipulate the outcome of the dream.  Even in a dream state, most of us are aware that we can’t fly in normal life, thus on some level a flying dream likely coincides with dreaming lucidly for the vast majority of the population, though most awaken unaware of the fact that they were engaged in a lucid dream.

Once in a while, a flying dream will not go so well, such as when you can’t take off or you lose altitude or something is in your path and you can’t fly past or through it.  These dreams tell us that we are frustrated or feel burdened, or that that we are not confident in our abilities.  In these cases, re-evaluate your goals and find ways around anything that may be hampering your progress. 

Flying or Floating at Low Altitudes:  Floating just above the ground by flapping your hands or arms or peddling your feet is an indication that you have lots of determination and that no matter how hard it gets, you feel you will succeed if you stay on course.  This dream is an indication that relief from any setbacks is imminent.


I guess I still have a few hesitations… mhhmmm.. but at least flying means… something is going right I just need to work on m feelings of being frustrated or burdened. Sometimes I feel that. Oh well. 🙂 thanks for the snippets to my dreams!

The Falls

Another one of my weird dreams… I woke up with the name: “Ron Paul” left. I don’t know who Ron Paul is! I don’t have the slightest until I searched online…. and found out he is running as President for the United States. I don’t know what that would mean…. however the dream ended with him recognized as Ron Paul and ended up it wasn’t Ron Paul after all. -_- Just sharing. I dont know what it means too.



Also, just today I got a message from Ate Q. saying that God has a message for me. Translated to English: “Tell her about your trip from Cagayan to Davao in a helicopter three years ago. And what you saw over Bukidnon. A large falls much larger than Ma. Cristina is what she saw.” The pilot of the helicopter does not know until now, where the area is. And there were no residents in the area. It was his first time to see it too.

Ate Q. says it can be one source of energy.

I searched online about Bukidnon and found out there are lots of falls. Maybe Bukidnon’s forest is too large? I havent noticed cause I always pass there

Mhmm… I’m still deciphering what the message means. I;ll keep a close watch on it. Maybe, it’s an answer to my prayer when I climbed El Salvador and praying to stop the coal plant in Davao… maybe this could be the answer. But, I don’t know what to do pa. -_- Maybe ill open this up to the group in MISSION and maybe one of them knows about the area…..
Thank you God for the message. 🙂 Love you!

Orange Moonstone Patience

Checked Numerology and…. I got….

Personal Year Number for 2012 is 2

Color: Orange

Jewel: Moonstone

Keyword: Patience

Kristina, according to your chart, The seeds you planted last year are under the ground ready to germinate This year you deserve some rest and quiet. Make sure that you have it. Study and acquire knowledge. Practice diplomacy and tact. Sharing and teamwork are best. Be very cooperative. Do not force anything this year. Be patient and wait. That which is right for you, will come to you. Pay attention to details. Collect what you need. Look behind the scenes. The opportunity is on the way. Think and plan and be peaceful. Stay calm and wait. Love is favored. This is a very good year for relationships and partnerships.


Vavavroom!!!! This coincides with Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Card Reading for the 12 months. Re-curring theme is Wait. Worth Waiting For. Trust the process . Everything is ok. Be patient. You Are Safe.

Image Source: Twig Capra

it’s enchanting!

Before 2011, bid farewell… I drew an Orale Card which says: “Life Review”…. and so before the clock strikes 12midnight to welcome 2012… i was able to finish my Life Review as guided by my angels… 🙂

and now… I am welcoming the enchanting year of 2012!

And the first oracle card I drew for this year is “LAKSHMI” carrying two words: “Bright Future”: Stop worrying. Everything is going to be fine. And it states that there are no blocks or challenges on my path only my fear or worries.

Yahoo. What a wonderful affirmation for an enchanting year ahead and wonderful years to come! 🙂

Image Source: Tumblr