Monthly Archives: May 2011

and you are free

It has been a year since my dad had his third stroke attack, triggered mainly by the heat. We were transferring the wellness center I used to run into something home-based until we find a suitable location. But, then it happened. So, for a year… dad has been into a lot of therapies we could get our hands into. He had a few “suhi’s” who therapied him through massage, there’s the American chiropractor, our homeopathic medical doctor (whom i’m striking to have some sort of an x-deal regarding the services we used to run), our holistic practitioner who happens to be a good friend of ours and the latest Catholic priest who does acupuncture.

but, still he has some discomforts specially on the leg area. anyway, one day my mom just stayed home…. grounding herself, went outside early in the morning to do some sort of sun-bathing (early morning sun is therapeutic) while being barefoot. and then she had it…. “are caged birds good energy?” was the question she got herself.

and in feng-shui.. having caged birds means stunting of growth. and is somewhat correlated with legs about not being able to move forward.

and so, the next day… we decided to set the birds free.

at first we set it free outside the philippine eagle sanctuary. but, good thing an angel who cares about birds…. directed us to Malagos Garden where we could donate and let them take care of it before having it released to the wild.

i wasn’t able to get his number but he was wearing a jersey with the number 15 which happens to be my sister’s favorite number.